Empowering Parents & Caregivers through self-awareness, education and support.

The Family Tree Center utilizes the Nurturing Parenting Program®, recognized internationally as an Evidence Based Curriculum for over 30 years. Our classes have stood the test of time. We continue to adjust to the changing dynamics of the family while advocating for the most basic need of all family members… to connect and grow.

  • 2-hour classes are held once a week for 15 weeks to ensure the highest quality and healthiest outcome for the family.
  • All family members are encouraged to attend. Quality childcare and dinner are provided for the children at no charge.
  • Children learn the same weekly topic as adults, taught through engaging activities at their developmental level.
  • Family interaction time & experiential activities allow for richer learning experiences.
  • Group design allows parents/caregivers to share their challenges and successes without judgment

Registration required.  Spaces are limited.
Classes offered for:

  • Infants, Toddlers and Preschoolers (0-5)
  • Grade School and Pre-Adolescents (5-12)

University of Parenting

An annual series of 8 workshops designed to normalize the ups and downs of parenting with education, listening to other parents… and laughing together! Topics are selected by parents and provide ideas and skills for promoting the healthiest family foundations in a diverse and challenging culture. Snacks, special incentives and childcare are available at low cost to everyone!

Prevention Education

Training & workshops provided for parents, childcare workers and others about recognizing, reporting and preventing child physical abuse, sexual abuse and neglect.
Did you know…

Adversity in life is unavoidable, and crisis and trauma can have a life-long impact to the developing brain. To mitigate this, parents who choose to reach out for support actually build stronger Protective Factors for themselves and their children. Factors include:

  • Nurturing and Attachment
  • Knowledge of Parenting and Child & Youth Development
  • Parental Resilience
  • Social Connections
  • Concrete Support Services for Parents
  • Social & Emotional Competence of Children

From: FRIENDS National Resource Center