The Parent Aide Home Visiting Model provides families with a staff or volunteer mentor who works weekly with them in their homes on a variety of goals designed to insure that children are safe and parents have the tools they need to best nurture their children.

National Exchange Club’s Parent Aide Model
  • Parent advocate matched with parents of children ages 0-12 for weekly personal visits.
  • Parents empowered to identify their strengths and build on them.
  • Healthy family communication emphasized.
  • Family goals identified and supported.
  • Essential self-care is explored and encouraged.
Parents As Teachers®
  • Recognizing that Parents are a child’s first and best teacher.
  • Certified PAT Advocate establishes a relationship with and empowers parents with children from the prenatal stage through Kindergarten.
  • Includes braining-building games and developmental screenings.
  • Connects family to local resources.
  • Monthly group gatherings promote social skills for children and support networks for families.

Twelve Alternatives to Lashing Out at Your Child

Make a Change: The next time everyday pressures build up to the point where you feel like lashing out—STOP! Try any of these simple alternatives. You’ll feel better… and so will your child.

  • Take a deep breath… and another. Then remember you are the adult.
  • Close your eyes and imagine you’re hearing what your child is about to hear.
  • Press your lips together and count to 10… or better yet, to 20.
  • Put your child in a time-out (remember this rule: one time-out minute for each year of age).
  • Put yourself in a time-out chair. Think about why you are angry: is it your child, or is your child simply a convenient target for your anger.
  • Phone a friend.
  • If someone can watch the children, go outside and take a walk.
  • Take a hot bath or splash cold water on your face.
  • Hug a pillow.
  • Turn on some music. Maybe even sing along!
  • Sit down and list as many helpful words as you can think of. Save the list.
  • Call for prevention information: 406-252-9799.

From: Prevent Child Abuse Montana